Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Swimming to Support Women and Youth in The Congo

Congo Swim is a global collective action to raise awareness about the deadliest conflict in the world since World War II while garnering support for Congolese women and youth who are waging a courageous battle for peace, justice and human dignity in the Congo.

People of all ages and abilities are registering to swim or host a party in a location of their choice on or before August 25, 2013 with proceeds going to benefit Congolese women and youth led groups receiving grants from the Global Fund for Women and Friends of the Congo, as well as the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash initiative to prevent children from drowning in the US.

Keris Dahlkamp, the founder of Congo Swim will be striving to swim the 22 mile length of Lake Tahoe which he expects will take him 12 hours.  Speaking of the Crisis in the Congo, Keris says "If it were my wife, mother or daughter being violated, I would hope that those who could do something, would do something.  We must launch out into the deep.  Join me."

Coco Ramazani, a survivor of extreme sexual violence in the Congo whose story is told in Tell This To My Mother, will join Keris along with Charles Chapman, the first African-American to swim the English Channel, and other swimmers for a ceremony to mark the true price paid in the international scramble for Congo's spectacular natural wealth. Coco says "It is too painful to imagine that all that has happened to me in Congo is happening to other women and children right now.  For this reason, I decided to break my silence about the rapes, my HIV status, and the post-traumatic stress disorder."

In addition to raising funds to support dynamic community work for change, Congo Swim participants are urging their friends and family to contact Secretary of State John Kerry with a message to implement Public Law 109-456, a comprehensive law that is already on our books and supports peace and justice in Congo.

Families are encouraged to register their child's swim lessons or participation on a swim team with Congo Swim and a 'Tips for Talking with Children about Injustices in Congo' page provides creative and fun ways to link more meaning with swimming this summer. People may also follow the example of the Oakland Undercurrent by dedicating their swim meets to the Congo Swim cause.

There is no registration fee, but participants are encouraged to raise funds that will benefit the Congolese grassroots groups receiving grants from Global Fund for Women and Friends of the Congo, as well as US Make a Splash partners. To register or donate visit

Join the global movement in support of the Congo.

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Sign-up for Congo Week VI, October 20 - 26, 2013.

Friends of the Congo
Friends of the Congo

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