Saturday, 1 June 2013

Your World News Interview with Keith Harmon Snow The Politics of Genocide

Interviewed 19 October 2011 in College Park, MD, by Professor Solomon Comissiong of Your World News.

conscious being

Genocide in Rwanda is a complex event that has been reduced to few soundbites:

* 100 Days of Genocide from 6 April to 15 July 1994.
* The Hutu tribe butchered the Tutsi tribe.
* Senseless, mindless, African savagery.
* We knew (Clinton knew) and we did nothing.

Such is the established and official narrative.

The real story is far more complex. The U.S. military was involved. The U.S. proxy forces -- an English-speaking Tutsi elite who invaded from Uganda -- killed Hutus, they killed Tutsis, they facilitated the "genocide" against innocent French-speaking Tutsis, they killed Tutsi recruits who came to join them, and they committed genocide against Hutus from the first day of the invasion, 1 October 1990, and through the so-called 100 days, into the present. The killing continues. The mythology continues. The impunity continues.

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